14th Waterford Film Festival : OPEN CALL



The festival is currently open for submissions and the Regular Deadline is only 1 week away!

Despite Covid-19 there has been a steady flow of submission of short films & short screenplays coming to our doors.

To date projects have been coming in from Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Austria, China, Brazil, Malta, Netherlands, Switzerland & Australia.

The festival is a big supporter of independent films and emerging filmmakers. We dedicate 40% of our annual programme to student & 1st time filmmakers.

The festival presents short films of a wide range of genres including drama, thrillers, horrors, comedy, Sci-Fi, Music and films that engages with social, political and cultural issues.

The Regular Deadline to enter is June 30

Filmmakers & Writers can enter on our site at www.waterfordfilmfestival.net or filmfreeway.com/waterfordfilmfestival