Film Artist in Residence 2022-Holly Pickering

In 2022 Holly Pickering was selected from over 35 applications to be

Garter Lane Arts Centres first ever Film Artist in Residence.

Here is a reflection of her time and practice in the centre.

1. What did the residency mean for you as an emerging artist?
The Garter Lane Film Artist Residency Award has enabled me to devote focused and sustained time to expanding my practice. This residency has provided me with support and stability as an emerging artist, equipping me with access to technical resources, a theater space and the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from Garter Lane’s professional and artistic community. As an artist from Co.Waterford, connecting with a Waterford based Arts Centre was a huge and exciting opportunity for me. The support that Garter Lane has given me has renewed my confidence in my work and has enabled me to push my practice into new material outputs. This residency has assisted me in furthering my practice in a way in which I would not have had sufficient time, space or
equipment to develop otherwise.
2. What was the most valuable part of the residency/experience?
Being awarded funding meant that I could spend time developing my research and teasing out new ideas. Having this time and space to experiment and take risks was invaluable, and has helped me to solidify my practice. Receiving funding also meant that I could pay a professional actor to partake in my project, which completely elevated the project itself and informed my practice as a whole. Overall the time and access that the funding from this award offered was a hugely beneficial component of the residency.

3. What tangible “learnings” or findings can you take from the residency?
I garnered a lot of valuable knowledge during my time at Garter Lane. Working from Garter Lane, I received a great insight into the intricacies of how a busy art center runs. Through exchanges and conversations with the Garter Lane community I established
professional relationships with people who imparted their knowledge to me freely. I also learned a lot through working with technicians Patrick Kerwick and Michael Oates, who advised me on the project I was developing, and assisted me in areas such as setting up multiple cameras, lighting and sound. Being able to experiment with different recording techniques has also allowed me to expand my understanding of the possibilities of moving-image, and has enhanced my skill-base in video, thus enriching my practice. Working with professional actor Anne O’Riordan was something I’d never done before, and to inhabit the role of ‘director’ within my arts practice has generated so many new ideas and ways of thinking for me.

4. Will you be in a position to use any of the above as you go forward?
This residency has been incredibly generative and has equipped me with many new skills, professional relationships and ways of thinking that I’ll continue to nurture and carry forward within my work. I’ve established great connections and met people during this residency such as SíIe Penkert and Sandra Kelly, who I hope to work with again as I move forward. I’ve also generated a lot of material during this residency and have acquired new skills which have enhanced and will inform my practice going forward. Overall, the time to nurture and develop my practice that this residency secured has undoubtedly bolstered my practice along its trajectory. Time that the residency allowed me to focus solely on your practice both on site and off.
Days: 80
Hours: 40

Holly Pickering (b.1998) is an artist from Waterford and recent graduate of Sculpture and Expanded Practice with Critical Culture at the National College of Art and Design. Her oeuvre is concerned with interrogating language structures inherent in both the corporeal act of speech and in written material, meditating upon the physical effect of language upon the body and the relationship between language and how we navigate ourselves throughout the world. Her practice is multi-disciplinary, encompassing film, sound and sculptural installations often oriented around experimental texts and fictional narratives. Film and literary forms are central to her practice.



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