Theatre Artist in Residence 2022 – Deirdre Dwyer

Thanks to the support of the Arts Council and Waterford City and County Council Arts Office Deirdre Dwyer will continue to be the Theatre Artist in Residence in Garter Lane throughout 2022.

A huge part of Deirdre’s residency in 2020 was the creation of The Snow Queen and in 2021 it was the tale of Mattie, The Little Robber Girl, these beautiful audio dramas were accompanied by a posted illustrated pack (created specifically for the dramas).

These sell-out ventures entertained children in classrooms and homes across the island of Ireland and beyond over the last two winters.

Year 3

Deirdre is thrilled to have received funding for three years of residency as Theatre Artist in Residence in Garter Lane. Her vision for Year 3 is to continue in her developing practice in making work for young audiences and engaging with the local theatre-making community.

The residency will provide Deirdre with the time, space, and support to produce her third audio drama for children with posted illustrated packs. Seeking Cinderella will be available for listeners in the run-up to Christmas 2022.

She will be able to work with local theatre makers to produce a playful offering for Spróg this summer and her residency will include the continuation of the supported creation of a community of artists focusing on making work for young audiences by running more paid professional development training engagements for local artists, providing a series of 2 further workshops facilitating theatre makers to engage with some of Ireland’s leading Theatre Practitioners.

Through her curated Incubator programmes representatives from the Ark, Baboró and the Arts Council engaged with the participants who met theatre companies making theatre for children alongside independent artists working in the area. These online and in-person engagements brought the artists into conversation and information sharing as they collaborated in creating online content for children for Spróg 2020, and 2021, Garter Lane’s annual festival for Children. 

For Deirdre, the residency has been an incredible way to reintroduce herself to the local theatre-making scene. She says, “In one of the most difficult years to be an artist this residency has kept me creatively afloat. The support of Garter Lane, their help, guidance, and advice in the face of such major change has been invaluable. This support facilitated me to create new work and to reimagine plans which in turn made this an artistically fruitful period for me. Covid forced me to rethink some elements of my practice but it has also reinforced why I hold other elements so dear and I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to expand my practice further in 2022 with the support of the Arts Centre, The Arts Council, Art Links, and Waterford City and County Council.”

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