Garter Lane operates a year round Education/Outreach Programme overseen by our dedicated Education Manager.

This area is of special interest to the Arts Centres team as we are delighted that through our extensive programme we have the opportunity to engage with community groups, schools, learners of all ages and backgrounds and we regularly roll out projects throughout the city and region. We are thrilled to work with local and national partners on the delivery of this educational/engaging provision.

Schools Workshops W.Y.A.C. Makers Meet-Up Talks Professional Development Short Films


Garter Lane’s year-round education programme is aimed at different age groups and audiences. It includes regular workshops for children and teenagers, Primary School engagements and workshops, on-line workshops and downloads, Senior Cycle in-depth workshops, masterclasses, adult workshops, social events, engagement with 3rd level students, and Artist talks.

Garter Lane uses all of its many facilities to roll out this ambitious and wide-reaching programme, with physical spaces such as our courtyard, dance studio, Children’s room and or gallery space, and theatre all being utilised including the regular delivery of educational screenings on our state of the art DCP, Digital Cinema Projector and Cinema Screen.

SprÓg is the Arts Centres long-running, stand-alone Children’s festival, taking place in the last week of July and featuring a host of excellent artistic, entertaining, and educational engagements for children. Thematic focus each year provides the festival with that “something special” designed to ignite the imaginations of the curious, and entice young creatives to immerse themselves in artistic adventures. We are delighted that our SprÓg Sponsorship partner SANOFI has recognised the long stretching and far-reaching benefits for children who participate and engage with an array of healthy and developmental activities as they grow. And we gratefully acknowledge their support. We are committed to nurturing this festival’s capacity to reach even more children in the years to come… watch this space!

Makers Meet up

Makers Meet up is an informal gathering of local and regional crafters, hobbyist’s and individuals interested in “making”. The group meets fortnightly and generally share projects that they are working on, and practice tips as well as looking collectively at artistic disciplines through an appreciative lens. The Group has been in existence for two years and for further information on becoming involved please contact: Sandra Kelly :