Donal O'Kelly
Donal O'Kelly

Bat the Father Rabbit the Son (30yr Tour)

Nov 24th
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

“A wild slapstick tour de force”

New York Times

It’s Dublin in the 1980s. Rabbit is a self-made haulage magnate. But something’s wrong. He cuts a deal with his underling Keogh to help him find his lost moorings. The quest is hampered by his dead father Bat, Citizen Army volunteer and pawn shop assistant, bubbling up. The struggle between father and son, past and present, imagination and reality, spans Dublin. Their voyage out of Howth and up the River Liffey builds to a climax described by The Guardian as “one of the strongest dramatic conclusions I’ve ever seen”.
An explosive exposition of the generation that led us to Boom and Bust.


The Scotsman

“A sobering, funny touching and frightening marvel .. O’Kelly’s manic performance is extraordinary”

Sunday Independent

Written thirty years ago, ‘Bat the Father, Rabbit the Son’ is more pertinent than ever.

First presented by Rough Magic for the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1988, Bat has toured to New York, Chicago, London, Edinburgh, Australia and New Zealand. Now back again!

“A prose poem of magical beauties and plunging vulgarities …friends, it is purely brilliant”

New York Post

Donal O’Kelly on 30 years of ‘Bat The Father Rabbit The Son’ 

Published : Tuesday 20th November

In 1988, I refused to shake the hand of Peter King. The show goes on, the struggle goes on…

I’m sitting in the tiny backstage area of the Irish Arts Centre in New York down in Hell’s Kitchen near the Hudson River. My show is over. Opening night, well, opening afternoon actually, on a Sunday. In the run-up to the 1988 presidential election, Bush versus Dukakis, the best time to get Irish-American movers and shakers to attend.

I’m sweating buckets. I haul the drenched red poloneck off over my silvered head. My sponge belly plops onto the floor. I’m told there are people waiting to meet me. I’m discombobulated. Been a whirlwind! Only weeks since it premiered in the Dublin Theatre Festival.

Went well. Lots of laughs and a standing ovation. But I’m still wondering did they get it, whatever it is. Sometimes I think it’s a load of baloney, this show I’ve written from the deep recesses of I-don’t-know-what…..Click HERE for more…

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