Civil Wars from Dublin to South Russia and Return Journey – Book Launch

Apr 9th
3:00 pm
Free event but booking in advance advised |

In October 1919, Irish man William Gerald Forbes Scott set off for South Russia with the British Military Mission. Attached to the RAF, Scott assisted with the evacuation of the last of the fleeing White Russians as well as the destruction of British military materiél. On the last train out of Taganrog before it fell, three months later, he was on the last ship out of Novorossiysk as the Red Army cavalry rode into that town. On his return to Ireland, he wrote a short account of his Russian sojourn. In July 1922 he volunteered for the Free State Army  and was stationed in Kerry for a year of the Irish Civil War.

A century later, his granddaughter, catching a glimpse of something more in his terse account, set out to bring colour to her grandfather’s voyage, illustrating his story with her own images and research, exploring the cultural and historical context of his journey and his return home, creating a personal account of an ordinary man caught up in a universally turbulent time.


Date: Sat 9th of April

Time: 3pm

Fee: Free

Where: Garter Lane Theatre

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