EOS: Leonardo: The Works

Oct 30th
7:30 pm
€10 |

Directed by Phil Grabsky | Release date: 29 October 2019 | Running time: Approx. 85′

Season 7 / 1

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN, the award-winning and much-loved cinematic series, that explores the lives and artwork of history’s most revered artists, returns for a seventh season. Providing access to the world’s greatest art and artistic institutions, each film offers a cinematic journey into the personal and creative lives of history’s best-loved artists. Since being launched in 2011 by filmmaker Phil Grabsky, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN has released 22 films which have been shown in over 60 countries across the globe reaching almost 3 million seats sold!

Beginning its much anticipated seventh season, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN offers an unprecedented look at arguably the world’s most celebrated artist: Leonardo da Vinci.

Premiering in cinemas for a strictly limited run from 29th October 2019 Leonardo: The Works is part of the global celebration marking the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death. Many feature films have showcased the genius of Leonardo but none have ever examined in such detail the most crucial element of all: his art. Leonardo’s peerless paintings will be at the core of Leonardo: The Works, captured in staggering high-definition as never seen in cinemas – until now.

Notably, the film presents every single painting attributed to Leonardo, offering unparalleled access for the first time. Amidst this collection of masterpieces, cinema-goers will marvel at The Last Supper, Lady with an Ermine, Ginevra de’ Benci, Madonna Litta, Virgin of the Rocks and what is widely considered the most famous artwork of all time – The Mona Lisa.

Leonardo: The Works also looks afresh at Leonardo’s life through the prism of his art, threading biography and artistic output together with the assistance of the world’s foremost curators, critics and historians.

Leonardo: The Works Award-winning writer and director Phil Grabsky travelled to 8 countries to film virtually all the attributed Leonardo works in situ. The film includes the much discussed Salvator Mundi which the film believes firmly is a Leonardo work, the little-known Salle delle Asse (Leonardo’s largest work), the recently restored Adoration of the Magi and also, shown after its recent conservation work in a film for the first time, the Lansdowne Madonna. Leonardo: The Works also offers privileged access to the Mona Lisa (here seen in extraordinary detail), as well as the 2 Leonardos side-byside at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg; it is a genuine ‘feast for the eyes’. Guiding the narrative biography of the man some claim is the greatest mind in history are the world’s leading experts, historians and curators – here speaking candidly with great knowledge and humour.



Working with all the world’s major international museums and galleries, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN creates films which offer a cinematic immersion into the world’s best loved art, accompanied by insights from the world’s leading historians and art critics. Since launching in 2011, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN has released 22 films which have been shown in over 60 countries worldwide.

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN is produced and distributed in the UK by award-winning film-maker Phil Grabsky and his production company Seventh Art Productions. They have also created the Great Composers cinema series and the highly acclaimed ITV series Great Art.

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