Japanese Film Festival 2022: Pompo the Cinephile (Anime)

Apr 9th
7:30 pm
€9 |

Saturday April 9: Pompo the Cinephile (Anime)


Pompo the Cinephile / 映画大好きポンポさん | 2021 | 94 mins


Director: Takayuki Hirao


Pompo is an ambitious and passionate film producer working in the movie capital of the world – Nyallywood. So far, she’s mainly had success with her b-movies. When her talented but nervous ‘movie buff’ assistant Gene discovers a script for a film called Meister, he believes it has the potential to be an award-winning masterpiece. There’s just one catch: it’s Pompo’s own script, but she has no interest in directing it herself. However, she thinks Gene himself might just have what it takes to bring the film to life…


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Time: 7.30pm (Doors 7.15pm)

Where: Garter Lane Theatre


Pompo the Cinephile is the lively and entertaining debut from new animation studio CLAP. This anime adaptation of the hit manga does justice to its larger-than-life title character: this is a big, bold and brash film, overflowing with colour, humour and energy. It’s also a celebration of cinema itself and the people who put their hearts and minds into making films – whether that’s a knowingly silly b-movie or a serious prestige drama. 


TAKAYUKI HIRAO (born 1979) is a veteran director of both anime films and television. He worked as a director on episodes of shows such as Death Note, Paranoia Agent and Attack on Titan. He has also directed several feature films, including the Junji Ito adaptation Gyo (12) and fantasy film Magical Sisters Yoyo and Nene (13).



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