Guillaume Senez

Keeper [FRENCH Senior Cycle]

Jan 16th
9:30 am

Recommended age 15+

This screening is presented in association with IFI Education


In this year’s French film, a gently realistic debut feature, two teens grow up fast in the wake of an unexpected pregnancy. Maxime and Mélanie are a typical teenage couple. Like most love struck fifteen-year-olds, they can’t get enough of each other and they think they’ll be together forever. But when Mélanie becomes pregnant, their worlds are rocked and Keeper reminds us that the burden of adult decisions does not fall to adults alone. The tension builds as the couple face up to their situation in different ways.

Recommended age 15+

Please note: Strong language and sex references.

  • Belgium, Switzerland & France 2015 •  English Subtitles  •  Drama/ Romance • 111mins
  • Director: Guillaume Senez






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