Łukasz Lotek Lodkowski

Apr 27th
7:30 pm

Age : 18+ 

Bałagan na Strychu

Łukasz Lotek Lodkowski is a multi awarding (Antrakt Stand-up Festival & the Polish Stand-up League) Polish stand-up comedian and one of the most successful of his time. He has hosted several television programmes (TVP2 “Tylko dla dorosłych”, TVN “Kuba Wojewódzki”) and his performances include “W punkt” and “Bang”.
Character gestures, facial expressions and his voice make him an exceedingly original comedian and the jokes will be remembered for a long time to come. Lotek, together with Karol Modzelewski, created the “Bękarty Stand-Upu” party and he will be performing his brand new programme Bałagan na Strychu.

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