Makers Meet Up hosts a talk by Shane ‘Badman Ceramic’ Keeling

Mar 24th
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Free event but booking in advance advised |


Date: Wed March 24th

Time: 7pm -8pm

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Zoom

Free : Booking Essential (Capacity 30)



Shane ‘Badman Ceramic’ Keeling

About the Artist:

Shane ‘Badman Ceramic’ Keeling is a Wexford born, Dublin based emerging artist. I am a member of the international collective Boys Don’t Cry, our aim is to highlight the issue of men’s mental health within the creative industry, and show how having a creative outlet can help combat the horrifying upsurge of male suicide. I pride myself in taking risks, but more importantly being vulnerable both in my practice and lifestyle. This is an attempt to disrupt the idealised and dangerous perception of masculinity.

In 2019, I was awarded a residency in NCAD and new work was commissioned by First Fortnight for my solo show ‘Badman Oh Man’. In 2020, I was awarded a residency in Clancy Quay Studios, an Ulster Bank funded initiative that supports a selection of outstanding emerging artists at a vital stage of their careers.

I run a workshop entitled BADBEASTS, which is targeted at all boys secondary schools. BADBEASTS explores the links between creativity and mental health, and aims to deconstruct the idealised version of masculinity instilled in young men by their peers.

About my work:

I’m a multidisciplinary practitioner who specialises in ceramic and painting. My work tackles difficult, often taboo subjects in Irish culture, such as suicide and grief. I use humorous elements throughout my work to make it more palatable for the audience. My work relies heavily on the coupling of humorous illustrations and unapologetic text

in order to convey my message.

Ceramics is a material steeped in history and tradition, both culturally and domestically. By making and breaking ceramic I can manipulate these traditions to suit my narrative. My portraiture work also demonstrates how I like to manipulate my medium. I overtax markers, often wasting 10 per piece. This creates depth and realism not usually associated with markers. I believe this trait makes my work original and distinctive.

Recently I have been exploring tension in my work . Chris Burden’s urge to disturb his audience combined with the witty approach of The Chapman Brothers, Wu Yulu and Gavin Turk have shown me how to simultaneously create and diffuse tension, his works ‘Man Oh Man (2018)’ and ‘ 20ft Long (2018)’ best capture this ideology.


Ceramics and painting

Link to work:

Instagram: @badman_ceramic

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