Hiroyasu Ishida

Penguin Highway ペンギン・ハイウェイ

Apr 19th - 20th
7:30 pm

Early Bird €7.50  |  Concession €6  |  2018  |  118 minutes  |  Cert: PG





10-year old Aoyama is serious beyond his years. He is an enthusiastic scientist and spends his days filling notebooks with his observations and theories. At the same time he is counting down the days until he will be grown up, so that he’ll finally be able to marry his crush – a young woman who works in the local dentist’s office!

However when lots of penguins begin to appear without any logical explanation in the sleepy town where Aoyama lives, he and his friends must turn their attention to investigate this strange phenomenon and get to the bottom of this mystery.




Based on a novel written by Tomihiko Morimi (who also authored JFF18’s The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl), this highly imaginative anime is the debut feature from Hiroyasu Ishida and marks the first length feature film from animation Studio Colorido.

Dir: Hiroyasu Ishida

With the voices of: Kana Kita, Yu Aoi




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