A Little Room Presents: Keyboard Warriors by Luke Corcoran

I am ultra-excited to be working with these actors for the rehearsed reading of…….. keyboard warriors!  Book Here

We have Mo Chara as STEVIEKICKS, the so sweet it makes you sick e-sports sensation.

Barry Black as FRANKIE, Stevie’s stuffy crypto-broker Dad that will never approve of her daughter’s lifestyle choice.

Sophia ‘Blossom’ Cadogan as the mysterious former Olympic E-champ, jaded and excellent e-assassin J.

Paul Fitzgerald as the Ultra E-passionate, E-Dramatic and E-Over-the-top, ANNOUNCER.

Derek Flynn as Kai, the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” e-sports journeyman who had to retire at the ripe old age of 24. (He’s now 26).

And of course, up-and-coming Waterford Actor Ryan Murray as Stevie’s opponent in the All E-Ireland finals, ‘triple_nipple_nation’.

STEVIE has been training for this moment all her life. The final of the All Ireland E-sports Championship. Once she wins this she immediately gets to challenge for a place in the E-Olympics. Under the tutelage of her trainer KAI, it looks like nothing can stand in her way. Except her stuffy cyrpto-broker Dad, FRANKIE, the mysterious online-assassin J and Frankie’s bottomless bit credits throwing money at the problem of is daughter not having a ‘real job’. Can Stevie overcome the All Ireland final, the mysterious e-assassin and finally… her Dad’s prejudices? Come find out at:

A Little Room

(At Garter Lanes Studio Building, up the steps beside Delaney’s florist

O’Connell St Waterford)

Tuesday Aug 2nd 2022 at 6pm Sharp!

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