Bealtaine Workshop: Intergeneration Pottery Workshop: Make your own Pottery Creation

You can learn how to build a pot using a method called coil building.

We will make pots that can be big enough for a plant. When the pot is finished, we will use some coloured clay to decorate the pot and the theme for decoration is family. There are fabulous ways to draw in clay and you can create a memory to last a long time. 

Length of time: The workshop will take up to an hour and a half to make and decorate the pot and get it finished and ready to be fired.

Suitable for: This class is perfect for young artists (6+ yrs) or more seasoned creatives alike. Everyone can work at their own level of expertise to complete the planter.




Date: Saturday 14th May 2022

Time: 2pm

Duration: 1.5hours

Capacity: 12 people (6 groups)

Location: Garter Lane Arts Center – Rehearsal Room (Theatre Building)


How to get ready for the class: We will use white clay in the workshop, it can get a bit messy so dress accordingly or bring an old tee shirt or apron with you if you mind being messy!

After the class, firing and finishing. When the class is finished, your pots still have a ways to go to be ready. I will take them back to my studio where I will dry them out carefully. Then they will be fired to 1000 degrees Celsius. Then I will put transparent glaze on the pots and fire them again to make them shiny and water resistant. This will take a few weeks. When they are ready, I will let you know by text or phone call and you can collect your finished masterpieces from my studio or from Garter Lane, which ever suits you best.