Breaking Ground Professional Development with Andrew Macklin – COURSE BOOKING LINK

Garter Lane is delighted to introduce an exciting artists/creatives professional development opportunity.

Breaking Ground with Andrew Macklin.

The 6 week on-line course, is a crafted, guided group facilitation, plus individual one on one sessions with a professional Coach/Facilitator/Actor.

Breaking Ground is designed to give artists the space, strategies and tools to build more sustainable and productive careers in the arts.

We’d like to invite you to join us for an introductory information chat at 6:30pm on 25th for an insight into the course, the contents and what you might take from it for your future artistic development. 

Join Andrew on the evening along with Sile Penkert, Garter Lane Arts Centre’s Executive Director.

We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you might have.  


Dates: Running March 8th –  April 12th

Times: TBC (Andrew will consult with the group)

Capacity: 15 max, places are limited

Cost: €50 per person, covers the entire 6 wks

Booking: available after the 25th


It has been honestly transformational. This is no hyperbole, through Andrew’s coaching I have been able to thoroughly reassess previous assumptions and create new ones that have got me back to an energised, focused and ultimately happier place.” Karl – Actor/Writer/Director, Dublin

Breaking Ground is a pioneering new artist development project designed to give artists the space, strategies and tools to build more sustainable and productive careers in the arts.

Using evidence-based approaches to facilitating professional development, artists will undertake a combination of training, facilitated group discussion, and individual coaching sessions all aimed at increasing their own personal agency, strategic skills and professional capacity.


 I had always thought that career coaching wasn’t an option for people in the Arts, thinking instead it was solely for those working in business and or executive positions but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had a question/goal I told Andrew I wanted to work on, however as we worked I realised that the goal I had suggested was being held hostage by another belief that I hadn’t considered at all. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that once that revelation started to dawn on me I could honestly hear the collective pennies dropping in my head! I would highly recommend Andrew as having these focused reflective conversations with a skilled practitioner who also has a working knowledge and empathy to your working environment is priceless.” Clare Barrett – Actor/Theatre Maker, Galway.


Andrew Macklin

Andrew Macklin is an actor, qualified coach and professional trainer. A native of Waterford, his acting career encompasses almost 20 years of work across the UK & Ireland. As a trainer and facilitator, he has been leading workshops and training sessions in the areas of domestic violence prevention, inclusive leadership, interview technique, communication skills and acting for almost ten years.



Coaching is a collaborative, conversation-based approach to personal and professional development. It’s a facilitative process that draws together elements of behavioral science, psychology and adult learning theory. It aims to empower individuals to overcome their obstacles, create opportunities and open up wider professional possibilities.