Casting Call : A new play by Colm Summers and Ciara Ní Chuirc

Purgatory After Yeats

A new play by Colm Summers and Ciara Ní Chuirc



Local actors interested in participating in 1 – 2 days of play development workshop at Garter Lane Arts Centre. Culminating in a work in progress staged reading of the play during the week May 30th – June 3rd.

Actors will be paid a daily rate for participating in the workshop.

Please email with your desired role, headshot, CV and if possible, an acting reel (or video of a recent performance).

About the play:

Purgatory After Yeats is a free adaptation of the original poem by Irish poet-playwright, William Butler Yeats. Our play follows a day in the life of fifteen-year-old Catchy, a would-be hurler with a penchant for the poetry of “the big man himself,” W.B. Yeats. Set during the Great Recession of the late 2000s in the suburban south of Ireland, Purgatory takes Yeats’ vision of a mythic Ireland and reimagines it for the recession generation. This new play by Ciara Ní Chuirc and Colm Summers is a magical movement piece at the intersection of queerness, poverty, and masculinity. Expect trance music, laughs, street racing, and dance with the poetry of Yeats.


CATCHY Lead, Male, 18-30

Playing age 20s, reads younger. Innocent, introverted, passionate, and nerdy, keeps himself to himself. Garry’s best friend. Obsessed with W.B. Yeats and driving.

GARRY Lead, Male, 18-30

Playing age 20s, reads younger. One of the lads, extroverted, popular, funny, attractive, with a secret passion for music. Cathy’s best friend.

VINCENT Lead, Male, 40-60

Catchy’s Dad, semi-recently laid off from his job at a glass factory, tired, frustrated, funny when he wants to be, sharp-tongued. Has had to work hard in life but doesn’t want any pity from anyone. Wants to be a good Dad, carries himself with a certain heaviness.

YEATS Supporting, Male or Female, 20-50

An Irish poet, dramatist, and writer. A member of the Protestant, Anglo-Irish minority. A bit of a snob, charming, a slippery character but extremely appealing, well-spoken, judgmental. Creative and expressive, but also likes to get his own way.

THE DOG Supporting, Male or Female, any age

Catchy’s dog. Mysterious, alert, watchful, loyal and protective of those he holds dear.