Courtyard Calibrations – Unseen Happenings by Waiting Space

‘Unseen Happenings’ is an audio/visual piece by ‘Waiting Space’ (alias of Waterford musician and artist, Chris Falconer: – commissioned by Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford, as part of their ‘Courtyard Calibrations’ programme.



The short film will be available to watch online on YouTube, and on this website, from Tuesday the 8th of March 2022 – while the musical score will be played at scheduled intervals in Garter Lane Arts Centre’s courtyard, at 22 O’Connell St, Waterford, X91 PWE1 (link to the location on GoogleMaps).



About the Piece: In early 2022, as re-openings and easings of restrictions began to occur in Ireland – Garter Lane Arts Centre commissioned Waiting Space to develop a piece, with the theme of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

In response to the brief, Waiting Space wrote a musical composition with suggestive melodies and dynamics, that fluctuate between cautious optimism, and relief, before reaching a crescendo of overwhelming sounds and movement. This musical score is set against a video directed and edited by Waiting Space, and filmed in February 2022 by Katy Flynn of Waterford design studio ‘Haboo’ ( – which depicts key spaces in Garter Lane Arts Centre, lying quiet, still, and empty at night-time, before the same spaces become awash with an animated projection created by Waiting Space, of architectonic cubes and lines of bright colours, that interface with the angles and shapes of Garter Lane Arts Centre’s beautiful Georgian building.

Named ‘Unseen Happenings’, the piece aims to show the ‘life’ that continues to happen in a building, even when there is no one there, and also the work done by people behind the scenes, to make things happen – while the crescendo of the musical score, and sudden interjection of the colourful animation on the space, alludes to the sudden ramping up and preparations that the culture industry has made when learning that their doors were initially closing, and then, reopening.


Chris Falconer Bio:

‘Waiting Space’ is an audio & visual project – and alias of Waterford musician and artist, Chris Falconer.Through a D.I.Y. process that is enabled by contemporary technology, as ‘Waiting Space’, he creates self-recorded/self-produced musical pieces in a domestic setting – that are characterised by dynamic vocals and cinematic instrumentals – typically blending programming, electronics, and live-instrumentation. Influenced by diverse musical artists from Nine Inch Nails, to Ólafur Arnalds – Waiting Space is essentiallya ‘genre-less’ project, producing pieces that can jump between beat-focused, moody electronica; occasional synth-pop; and onwards to neo-classical, slow-tempo, atmospheric pieces.

Each musical piece is also ‘complemented’ by visuals which Falconer creates in response – including cover-artwork, digital animations, travel footage, or short films. As a result of this visual element, the project has crossed over into the gallery-world. In addition to this most recent commission by Garter Lane Arts Centre – Waiting Space pieces have also been exhibited in Lismore Castle Arts (Waterford, Ireland), and he has also been commissioned by the Luan Gallery (Athlone, Ireland) to create musical-scores for ‘virtual walkthrough’ videos of the gallery’s exhibitions a number of times during 2020 and 2021 – allowing audiences to ‘visit’ the gallery from a distance, despite COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

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