Courtyard Calibrations : FAOIN SPÉIR



This September we are inviting you to go “Amach Faoin Speir


Why not drop into our courtyard when you are out and about and take some time to listen and absorb the wonderful Faoin Speir Day and Night Time Soundtracks.

The words were carefully crafted by emerging Waterford Writing talent Hannah Carberry, and vocals were expertly delivered by actors Ann O’Riordan (Day-time) and Joe Meagher (Night-time).

The beautiful ambient music was created specifically and recorded by tow of Waterford most prolific musicians Peter Vogelaar and Micko Roche.

This project was funded under The Arts Councils Faoin Speir Scheme (for more information head to our dedicated Faoin Speir Page – Click Here) and as such, we wanted to ensure that the incredible work created has a platform where it can be enjoyed and savoured.

You can hear Day & Night Time Tracks in the Garter Lane Courtyard at the following times:

Daytime : 12 and 1:30 pm

Night time : 3:30pm and 5pm