Lila | 8-12 years old | 9 minutes | Cert: PG

Lila is a girl who creates and manipulates the world around her using her sketch book. She uses her sketches to influence the world around her to her own amusement and to the benefit of others. This is a beautifully clever short film which combines live action and animation to tell the story. As Lila wanders through her world she adds to the scenes she passes by sketching in her drawing pad and holding it up in front of her to enhance the scene with her drawings. These seem to have small magical effect on the people that she observes as they change their behaviours according to her images. it becomes apparent the themes dealt with are loss of loved ones in the final scene, opening up questions about how Lila has dealt with the loss of her parents.

8-12 years old

Lila | Carlos Lascano| 9 minutes | Argentina | 2014 | Cert: PG