SprÓg : Far Away Still

Far Away Still was filmed during lockdown entirely on location in Poleberry, Waterford. It would not have been possible without the complete cooperation of its two young actors Charlie Meagher and Gemma Fitzgerald who were fully compliant with social distancing restraints during its making.

This special piece about connecting in difficult times, was the brainchild of Liam Meagher and John Loftus who were commissioned by Garter Lane Arts Centre, and given a difficult task… “Make something that makes young people smile”… they rose to the challenge with “Far Away Still”… The Team at Garter Lane wish to thank all involved, as we say Well Done!, please take a well-deserved bow! Enjoy! This film was commissioned by Garter Lane Arts Centre during lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and as part of the centre’s Children’s Arts Festival SprÓg.

Written & Directed by: Liam Meagher

Cast: Gemma Fitzgerald & Charlie Meagher

Music: Katie Kim, Dimmer (Cover & Flood)

DOP & Postproduction: John Loftus