The Cat And Its Artist | 8-12 years old | 6 minutes | Cert: PG

An artist is in his studio repeatedly painting bananas (his favourite subject). Meanwhile, a stray cat at the open studio window is focused on catching a bird. The cat pounces, misses the bird and lands on the studio floor. The artist is friendly to the cat and continues with his painting. A visitor (art critic) arrives to view the painting, is unimpressed and departs. The artist is devastated and retires miserably to bed. The cat tries to help the man by giving him a drink but to no avail. As the artist remains depressed the cat decides to help by adding a bird to the painting. Upon awakening, the artist is appalled to see his work of art has been desecrated. The artist and the cat fight, throwing paint at each other and in the meantime unintentionally create an abstract picture. The art critic returns, loves the picture, purchases it and leaves. The cat, who is sitting on the window ledge, is wary when the artist approaches with the offer of money but is easily persuaded by a bowl of milk. Finally, the cat and the artist co-operate to create further pieces of abstract art which they both sign.

8-12 years old

The Cat And Its Artist | Maike Koller | 6 minutes | Germany | 2016 | PG