The Little Robber Girl : A New Audio Drama

BrokenCrow in association with Garter Lane Arts Centre and The Everyman Present

The Little Robber Girl

Written and Directed by Theatre Artist in Residency Deirdre Dwyer

Audio Drama Online + Postal Pack

BrokenCrow in association with Garter Lane Arts Centre and The Everyman present The Little Robber Girl, a limited audio drama series for children with an accompanying posted pack, written and directed by Deirdre Dwyer.

Family Pack: €15


Includes a link to the YouTube channel where each new episode will appear and a package of beautifully illustrated cards, posted to your home. The opening of the sealed cards and reading the message will add another unique dimension to the listening adventure.

Teacher’s Pack: €50


Teachers will also receive a link to the YouTube channel, a package of beautifully illustrated cards, a limited-edition digital resources pack jammed with curriculum-related activities, and easy to follow step-by-step guides. (For more info, contact Sandra:





Being bad is always good when it comes to Mattie – a thief and a trickster from a notorious family of sea-faring bandits! Never one to do what she is told, right and wrong are not straightforward for a girl like her. But, Mattie is also brave and a loyal daughter and this time it’s up to Mattie to come to her family’s rescue. Join Mattie, her little dog Arthur and her new friend Finn as they go in search of Mattie’s missing Mammy…and return with much more than buried treasure. Let the listening adventure begin!


Following the sell-out success of last year’s adaptation of The Snow Queen, BrokenCrow returns with an original spin-off audio series for children, with a set of illustrated note cards, featuring extra exclusive content, to accompany the series arriving in the post. The creative team from last year’s runaway success series returns to bring another unique children’s audio series to you in the comfort of your home.

The Little Robber Girl is created for children 7 years+. The Little Robber Girl’s five episodes have now all been released and ticket holders will receive a link to the audio series, plus posted pack containing five sealed envelopes of beautifully illustrated, specially commissioned cards and story extras. 


★★★★ “Deirdre Dwyer’s sensitive script … Dwyer’s production adopts the brisk pace of an adventure story… a dynamic cast voice bright-coloured characters met along the way … Released as an eight-part series, the play ingeniously keeps its audience on Gráinne’s trail by posting out sealed messages, one to be opened for each episode. Whether a report about a missing boat or a payoff for a stolen carriage, the dispatches – embellished by a team of excellent illustrators – extend the rich world of Dwyer’s play.” Musings In Intermissions (Review of The Snow Queen)




Cast and Creative Team

Writer and Director: Deirdre Dwyer

Composition and Sound Design: Anthony O’Dwyer

Graphic Designer: Neill MacCann (nmcDesign)

Educational Consultant: Karen Kelleher

PR and Digital Marketing: Aideen Wylde

Producing Support: Amanda Alexander

Printers: DVF Print and Graphic Solutions

Illustrations: Danny Foley, Rory Van Dokkum, Roisin Hahessy, Grace Enemaku and Abeeha Tariq

Starring the voices of:

Jacqui Kelleher as Mattie

Cilian Jacob as Finn

Nicholas Kavanagh as Narrator, Arthur and Seal

Aideen Wylde as the Maureen and Orla

George Hanover as Mags

Michael Power as Sam

Joe Meagher as Mike

Age recommendation: For children 7+ and adults of all ages

Please Note: You will be able to access the Audio Drama online. You will receive your physical pack in the post by the second week of October or up to five working days after you place your order depending on when you ordered it, last date for orders will be October 18th 2021. Your pack will contain 5 envelopes, one corresponding to each of the five episodes. The five episodes will be released by 7.30 every morning from Monday the 18th to Friday the 22nd of October. You can listen every day, save them up to listen to over one session or spread it out over several weeks, whatever works best for your family. The links will stay up and the audio will be available for the next twelve months. (So you can listen again anytime you want!)