SprÓg: Create your Own Clay Mushroom (6-9yrs)

About Grainne Taylor 

Grainne Taylor lives in Waterford, Ireland. She attended art college and studied drawing, clay, and printing in Waterford Institute of Technology, Grennan Mill Craft School and Limerick College of Art and Design and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to do post graduate work in Studio art, Ceramics at Syracuse University, New York.

As a result, the ceramics and jewellery pieces she makes are influenced by printing, vintage finds, drawing, the urban environment, and fabric and clay traditions. She uses images to make objects and tries to create compositional balance of these elements together, using both found patterns and ones created in the studio.

She makes products for everyday use in her little city studio in Waterford which are available at local markets and on her website www.shedpotz.com.  She wants the objects created to work well and bring joy to your life by using them. She also loves sharing her love of clay through teaching workshops in clay and jewellery making in Waterford and surrounding area, channelling skills into class sized nuggets for students to have a satisfying experience and hopefully leave feeling inspired and curious to create more.

Create your Own Clay Mushroom

Clay is fun, and it is easy to get the hang of how to work with it. With air dry clay you can learn lots of making and decorating techniques and create a beautiful object in a short amount of time.

In this workshop, we will make gorgeous mushrooms using air dry clay. You will learn how to construct the mushroom and use different ways to decorate in a special way for yourself. You will get to try red and white clay and you can take your finished creations home with you.

Lots of different tools to help you construct the mushrooms and make different textures will be provided, there will also be an assortment of materials to help you decorate the surfaces. The clay can get a bit messy, wear or bring an old T-shirt or apron if you like to stay spotless! You can also bring a container to the workshop to bring home your mushrooms if you wish.

When the mushrooms dry (after a few days) you can paint them or put a spray on to make them last a long time!



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