Pumpgirl by Abbie Spallen

    May 22nd

    Decadent Theatre Company Presents Pumpgirl By Abbie Spallen Directed by Andrew Flynn “Of course, hindsight’s a fuckin’ wonderful thing isn’t it? Lookin’ back now I can still hear his voice sayin’ ‘What about your woman up in the garage? The Pumpgirl? The one who walks like John Wayne and looks like his horse’”… There’s one… More Info

    Intonations – End Of Season Concert

    May 25th

    The 30 member choir will perform music from modern artists such as Queen and Bon Jovi along with songs by Bruno Mars, show tunes and Disney’s ’Toy Story’. Waterford Choir Intonations came together to provide an alternative to the more traditional choir, describing themselves and what they do as ‘Glee for adults – delivering songs… More Info


    Jun 5th - 5th

    SprÓg 2019 is fast approaching! Stay tuned for information on a totally awesome, jammed programme of excellent events, workshops, shows and much more in this year’s SprÓg Childrens festival, Waterford’s only festival dedicated to children. What will happen? A brochure with all the events times and details will be made available in June. Where can… More Info

    Men’s Health Week

    Jun 5th

    It’s with great excitement and enthusiasm that the National Men’s Health Programme of the Men’s Development Network invite you to attend a dedicated free morning event profiling International Men’s Health Week (MHW) 2019. This event will provide men & women with an opportunity to connect with each other over a coffee/tea and highlight ways we… More Info

    Arán & Im

    Sep 7th

    Arán & Im celebrates the Irish language in an engaging, accessible bilingual way, through sourdough bread and home-churned butter. Arán & Im is a theatrical performance/installation in which Manchán bakes sourdough bread for 70 minutes while offering insights into the wonders of the Irish language – exploring potent words of landscape, terms of intuition and insight, and… More Info