Constitution of Garter Lane Arts Centre Company Limited by Guarantee : Company(CLG) number 101812 Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20079758

Garter Lane Arts Centre commits to complying with the Governance Code and the principles of good fundraising. 

The remuneration package of senior staff fall within these bands:

€10,000 – €19,999 : 1 Staff

€20,000 – €29,999 : 2 Staff

€30,000 – €39,999 : 1 Staff

€40,000 – €49,999 : 1 Staff




  • Jim Nolan
  • Frieda Ryan
  • Dr Mark Rowe


Just like any other valued service provider, the creators behind the music used to enhance your Garter Lane experience must be paid for their work.


Music creators appoint IMRO to license their music to businesses on their behalf, whether it be played by means of a television, radio, recorded music device, streamed from an online service, or performed live. With IMRO Garter Lane Arts Centre is in full compliance with copyright legislation.

As IMRO is a not-for-profit organization, all of the license fees collected, after administration costs are deducted, are paid directly to the people who compose, publish and write the music that you use in your business. By paying the annual license fee to IMRO, Garter Lane Arts Centre enables music creators and artists to continue making music.

The Irish Music Rights Organisation Limited (IMRO), through an agency arrangement with Phonographic Performance Ireland Limited (PPI), has introduced a new system of music licensing for business. As of 1 January 2016 under this arrangement IMRO administers the granting of copyright music licenses, collection of royalties, and related activities on behalf of both organizations.

This new arrangement makes life easier for businesses in Ireland by enabling them to obtain both the required IMRO and PPI copyright music licenses through a single contract, receive a single invoice, make a single royalty payment, and administration-wise, interface with a single licensing body.

What is the Dual Music Licence?

The Dual Music Licence is a license contract that covers both IMRO and PPI music copyrights.

Under the law, two distinct permissions are required by businesses in Ireland who play music – one which covers the public performance of the musical work on behalf of composers, songwriters, and music publishers, and the other which covers the public performance of sound recordings on behalf of record producers and performers. Up to 2015, these licenses have been administered separately by IMRO and PPI respectively. However, as of January 1st, 2016, both distinct licenses are included in the Dual Music Licence administered by IMRO.

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