Garter Lane Arts Centre Artists Pay Policy

Garter Lane Arts Centre Artists Pay Policy



Fair Play/Fair Pay

Artists Pay Policy: Garter Lane Arts Centre

“We seek to create an environment in which artists can make work of ambition and quality and be remunerated appropriately.”

(Arts Council Ireland)

Garter Lane Arts Centre is committed to using the guiding principle:

Fair Play/Fair Pay

Within the limits of our ability, we promote and encourage that all artists and creative professionals are paid a fair wage for their time and competence within their field of expertise. Garter Lane is committed to helping artists & creative professionals negotiate a fair rate of pay for all work, long or short-term contracts such as commissions, residencies, and community & outreach projects.

Garter Lane Arts Centre when engaging artists encourages them to:

  • calculate an individual daily rate for services they supply based upon their unique circumstances and overheads
  • prepare quotes when pitching for freelance work
  • be aware of current universal pay rate information
  • be tax compliant where applicable

Garter Lane Arts Centre provides contracts for all works/projects/artists engaged, and each project is negotiated on a case by case basis.

Remuneration terms are agreed upon by both parties in advance of signing off on contracts. Garter Lane Arts Centre is committed to applying industry standard rates of pay in remuneration of artists working on projects/contracts for the centre.

Garter Lane Arts Centre is committed to ensuring that all funding and funds sourced for the payment of artists work goes directly to the artist.

All pay is managed internally through a competent administrative system, including a supplier set-up process which allows for the adherence to swift payment procedures.

Garter Lane Arts Centre is committed to adhering to the “best practice principles” as set out by The Arts Councils Artist Pay Policy Document (below)

For Ex. (“– Being open, transparent and upfront in communications with artists to ensure clarity from both perspectives on the ask and the offer”)

Garter Lane Arts centre will remain abreast of all current pay/remuneration information and legislation influencing the sector.

Garter Lane Arts Centre will continue to advocate for the equitable rates of pay for artists as championed by The Arts Council, Theatre Forum and NCAF (National Campaign for The Arts) of which Garter Lane is a member.

Garter Lane Arts Centre Artists Pay Policy as a PDF file here

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