The Bilberry Goats Present: We Are All In This Together Sept 27th-Oct 1st

expired Wed 28th Sep - Sat 1st Oct
8:00 pm
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Michael Grant and Padraig O’Griofa



The Bilberry Goats

We Are All in This Together

September 27th (new date added)


Since our last sold-out performances in 2019 with ‘I Do, I Do, So I Do’ a lot has changed in our lives. We believe that it is the role of writers, actors, theatre, and multimedia to try and reflect these changes. Sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant.

To do so we must have the courage to look at ourselves and frown or smile at what we get up to. Examine how we interpret rules and life in general so that we can keep going without being dragged down by the reality of it all. Somethings are clear and the reasons appear sensible to us, others we entirely miss, do not understand, or just plainly disagree with.

Welcome to the bounded rationality of the Bilberry Goats world. This year’s show is called ‘We’re All in This Together’. Looking at some of the highs and lows of the last few years with an emphasis on the character of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

With a super strong male comedy cast of Tony Corcoran, Davy Sutton, Scol Grant, Toby Hickey, Jucky Collins, Paul Corcoran  and Fatz Dunphy in the red corner. And an even more impressive female line up of Brenda Giles, Hazel Tebay, Jane Fraher and Greta Rochford in the blue corner. This show highlights the common threads that run between both sexes when dealing with their world turned upside down. It also crashes headlong into their differences and tries gallantly to negotiate a way out.

In Act 1 we reflect recent human behaviour, both sensible and downright ridiculous in how we managed to live a normal life. Whether it’s a visit to the doctors, hairdressers, or pub we managed to remain (barely) sane through humour whilst bewildered, confused, angry and scared. Especially scared when we lost friends or family. But time and tide and all that, left us no choice but to drive on.

In Act 2 we leave the lockdown behind and figure a way of living again in a kinder more politically correct world. This world is a puzzle to certain types of characters who think that PC stands for a personal computer!

A visit to the Dail, the centre of our power, is an example on the steep hill we have to climb to attain a decent perspective. Failing miserably, we then wander into the crazy world of workshops to correct our behaviour. This scene defies explanation and needs you there in the room to understand the depth of our human soul and its problems.

Changing mankind is an onerous task for Toby as the politically correct miserably failing instructor. However, he is rescued in the end as womenkind stand up to the boys and tells them ‘Don’t Tell Me What to Do’ in the most interesting way one could imagine.


This show is Produced by Michael Grant and Padraig O’Griofa

Scripts are by Tony Corcoran.

Directed by Michael Grant and Tony Corcoran.

Production Management Padraig O’Griofa

Technical and Musical and Sound Effects Wayne Brown

Lighting design by Craig Cunningham

Choreography by Jack Cunningham

Video and Film Recording by

Content development includes Tony Corcoran, Michael Grant, Padraig O’Griofa, Davy Sutton and Scol Grant

Props and Everything else is by Patrice Power.


8 pm Start

expired Wed 28th Sep - Sat 1st Oct
8:00 pm
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