Our Building Project has begun!

At No.5 O’Connell St we have begun an extensive re purpose of spaces to the back of and underneath the current studios at Garter Lane. These spaces have not been in use for well over 20 years and need some very serious TLC and reconstruction. Under a generous grant allocation from the Department of TCAGSM’s 2019-2022 Capital Grant Scheme we have been enabled to envision and initiate a project that will serve artists and the wider Waterford and South East community for a long time to come. In conjunction with Waterford City & County Council we will bring back online rooms and spaces that up until now were unusable, we will completely refurbish and repair our secret walled garden, we will re house our current administration, and we will bring online more studios to accompany an already busy arts centre.

The work (now in its second week) is in its infancy, and we expect the project to continue into May-June.

We look forward to bringing you more images and information as we go along.

Bear with us… we are working on it!

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