Waterford Film For All Spring 2024 Season

Tue 9th Apr - Sat 25th May
Garter Lane Arts Centre
€9 (€7.50 concessions)

We have a fantastic selection of films coming up for you this spring at Garter Lane Arts Centre, showcasing some of the very best of European and independent cinema with Waterford Film For All.


Perfect Days – Tues 9th April

Perfect Days is a 2023 Japanese drama film by Wim Wenders. It follows Hirayama, a Tokyo man content with his simple life cleaning public toilets. He finds joy in his routines, his love of music and books, and capturing the beauty of trees in photographs. Unexpected encounters disrupt his tranquillity, but also prompt him to reflect on his past and find meaning in the everyday. The film explores themes of finding happiness in simplicity and appreciating the beauty in unexpected places.

Lies We Tell – Tues 23rd April

In Lies We Tell, young heiress Maud inherits a fortune and a dark family history. When a dubious relative arrives with designs on her wealth, Maud must use her wits and navigate a web of deceit to protect her inheritance and herself.
This Irish thriller explores themes of family secrets, danger and a woman’s fight for autonomy.

The Taste of Things – Tues 30th April

Set in 1889 France, The Taste of Things is a slow-burn romance between a meticulous chef Dodin and his talented cook Eugenie.
Their bond deepens over exquisite meals they prepare together, but Eugenie’s hesitance to fully commit challenges their dynamic. As their love story unfolds, the film celebrates the artistry of cooking and its power to connect people.

The Zone of Interest – Tues 7th May

The Zone of Interest disturbingly portrays the life of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his family.

Living in a seemingly idyllic house next to the camp, the film explores the unsettling normalcy of evil as Höss manages the horrors of the Holocaust while tending his garden.

The Three Musketeers: Milady – Tues 21st May

Picking up right after the events of the previous movie, The Three Musketeers: Milady throws our young hero D’Artagnan into an unlikely alliance. With his love Constance kidnapped, D’Artagnan must grudgingly join forces with the manipulative Milady de Winter to find her. Swashbuckling action and hidden pasts collide as the Musketeers fight to rescue Constance and expose Milady’s true motives.

American Utopia – Sat 8th June

Directed by Spike Lee, American Utopia is a concert film featuring David Byrne and a diverse group of musicians performing Byrne’s most famous songs.

The film goes beyond a typical concert experience, incorporating social and political commentary through energetic choreography and artistic staging.


Tue 9th Apr - Sat 25th May
Garter Lane Arts Centre
€9 (€7.50 concessions)
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