Garter Lane Arts Centre Studio Artists Exhibition

expired Sat 27th Jan - Sat 23rd Mar
Market House, Dungarvan

Garter Lane Arts Centre is delighted to collaborate with WGOA Waterford Gallery of Art and Waterford City and County Council in curating a selection of  works from several of our Studio Artists in the Old Market House Arts Centre in Dungarvan from January 27th- March 23rd.


Aimee Roche

Aimee Roche (b1984, Wexford) is a Waterford based emerging artist and facilitator. A graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology where she studied BA in Visual Art and L9 Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching in Further Education. Since graduation, she has been on a journey of expanding her artist practice. She believes in creativity that has something to say. Aimee works with a variety of media including Performance, embroidery, collage, and sculpture. The inspiration for her work practice is womanhood and the female body. Through her work she explores the concept of femininity, morality, and equality. Her work addresses the tensions and celebrates the diverseness of the female experience.

A little room Live art performance: Inaccessible 2021

Inaccessible is a live art performance that intends to focus on the scars that can not be seen on the surface but rather the emotional turmoil we feel on the inside. The Artist body is the canvas bringing self-confidence, self-esteem, and vulnerability to the forefront.


Brendan Butler

Brendan Butler graduated from the Crawford College of Art & Design in 2001 and was the recipient of the Backwater Artist Bursary the same year. An active Artist ever since Butler has had solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions. Butler’s work can be found in private collections and also in institutions, including Cork Opera House and Waterfrd Gallery of Art, Co.Waterford.

Brendan Butler was a founding Artist of the original Soma Contemporary and founding Artist of Plasma Studios 2009 – 2012 Lombard street, Waterford.

“I create Oil paintings and drawings inspired by music, dark tales, classic and modern literature. Using dramatic narratives as a source the works take on imagined and borrowed tales from Ireland, abroad or manifested concepts.

The work expands on the narratives and characters, creating through its making, a world, space and atmosphere all of its own. The characters and participants imbue a sense of presence and an underlying motif to the work I create.

Through my work I am a teller of stories unknown fully to myself or the audience and through this mixing and matching of fables, stories and use of visual clues I explore new elements of the human psyche through imagery”

I’ve got no strings to hold me down

“I’ve got no strings to hold me down” is part of a series of works that has yet to be fully realised and completed. It is part of series of concepts that are forever expanding, developing and intertwining as I work. As you will have guessed by the title, the source is derived from Carlo Collodi’s fantasy novel known as “The Adventures of Pinocchio”

It suposes Pinocchio having lived as a boy and grown beyond his childhood. Now in his formative adult years his notoriety and reputation have followed him. In many ways he finds himself in a loop trying to escape the world of trials and tribulations connected to Mangiafuoco’s Great Marionette Theatre. Not to mention the many other colorful ecounters described in Carlo Collodi’s

“The Adventures of Pinocchio”

Very often in my work a borrowed idea or a concept will start out on one path and develop into an expanded interpretation of the original. I love exploring these concepts and connecting them to my own or perhaps other peoples experiences in this life. The full visual context of these ideas has yet to be determined. It excites me to delve into the alternative paths through these created manifestations.

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I’m burke (lowercase is fine). I am a recently graduated emerging artist from SETU with a BA Hons degree in Visual Art. Currently I’m based in Waterford at Garter Lane Arts Centre. I primarily focus on painting, drawing, collage and film. I love oblique and juxtaposed elements. My work embraces a crude but honest DIY aesthetic. I cut up scraps of papers, cards and drawings and I stick them down onto other papers, cards and drawings. It’s an investigative process. My film work encompasses both video and animation and they incorparate both digital and analog mediums and methods. My recent paintings have been made using oil pastels (my current fixation) on small wooden panels (my forever fixation). These works explore abstract imagery, actions and animals with blunt executions and impulsive perspectives.

Ball with Hand

Ball with Hand Oil pastel on wood panel.  Ball with Hand depicts a Spalding Hi-Bounce Ball (often called a Spaldeen) on the ground as a large hand reaches down; it’s the moment of pickup. The work evokes the tactile sensation between hand and rubber in the act of picking up, the brief gap of time where play is momentarily suspended. The action may only continue once the ball has been collected, the conditions effectively reset. The fun continues. This window of time during the state of pickup confronts us with the nature of the relationship between person and object, object and play, play and rules and rules and person and play.


Denise McAuliffe

Denise McAuliffe is a Waterford based visual artist working in mixed media. In addition to an MFA in painting from NCAD and a BA in Visual Art, she has studied both figure and portraiture at The College of Art in Florence and contemporary art at The Royal Academy of Art and The Slade School pf Fine Art in London.

Combining old master techniques with a wide range of materials-oil paints, household paints, lace, driftwood, string, plaster of Paris-McAuliffe creates wide scale pieces that shift between abstraction and figuration, offering a space for her audience to engage with.


The girls

In 1951 Cornelius de Vos painted these two German girls in baroque Style. They were the painter’s daughter’s.

Fascinated by this painting I appropriated the girls images into my own style. My mixed media methodological process was about aging, using an unusual material, drawing pins.

Drawing pins were invented by a German clockmaker in 1904. He flattened the tops of push pins which he invented four years earlier as a tool for making maps .These girls were painted onto cotton which I detached from the stretcher and hung outside in all weathers for twelve months before I brought them back into the studio. I then added drawing pins that I had rusted to enhance an aged look, I wanted to map them out onto the cotton and loose time.

The frame was a big risk, I made the concrete frame for so many reasons, one being the idea of containment however, other words bounced around my head like structure, completeness, ideology and observation to name but a few. It is no heavier than one of my large mixed media paintings, but, would need to be expertly hung.

The mediums are oil paint, acrylic paint, household paint and soft pastels, concrete and drawing pins.


Julie Cusack

Julie studied Visual Education at Waterford Institute of Technology and subsequently earned a diploma in Painting from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. She has been practicing and teaching drawing and painting for 20 years in a wide variety of contexts.

Julie relocated to her hometown of Waterford City in 2021 and is currently a member of  Garter Lane Art Studios in Waterford. She has exhibited extensively within Ireland and abroad including the RHA, Eigse Carlow and The Irish Cultural Centre in London. Her work is represented in the OPW State collection  as well as many private collections including   Druids Glen  Resort , The Leinster Hotel , Dublin ,The Marylebone Hotel, London and The London Clinic.

She has been showing work with Solomon Fine Art in Dublin since 2014


My practice is primarily concerned with painting but secondary practices in drawing and collage are also important . I’m interested in abstracting the world around me to create shifting worlds where objects or places  are suggested but never fully formed. Memory and observation contribute to the life of the painting but it’s the act of painting that plays the most dominant role. The outcome is always unknown but the process is familiar.

My work is an improvisational response to the surface over time until the painting ends and the viewer brings their own dialogue. Opposing themes of dissolution, harmony , restraint and freedom filter through the work.

Many painters old and new  continue to affect my  work in small and large ways including Frank Auerbach, Mark Rothko , Gerhardt Richter, Joan Mitchell, Cy Twomly , Lillian Tomasco and  Stuart Shils


Maddie Cahill-Byrne

Maddie Cahill Byrne is an artist from Dunmore East Co. Waterford, now residing in Waterford City. They are 23 and a recent graduate from SETU Visual Arts course with a First Class Honours Degree, and Currently working from Garter Lane artist studios. They work primarily with drawings and paintings collaged together digitally; and occasionally animated. Their work usually relates to nature and natural imagery, clashing with retro technology and metaphysical imagery to create disjointed otherly worlds.

 “ The Pod ‘Orcastrated Creation’ ”

This piece of work takes place in a not too distant future, where after humanity’s fall from grace, humans are no longer the dominant species on earth, there is no one dominant species any longer. However while humans are still around (in small numbers, and must have assistance in growing chambers) they are not necessarily disliked. In this piece a human has been adopted by a pod of orcas, who have raised the human as one of their own, and has adapted to communicate in the dialect of the pod.


Marcella Meagher

Marcella Meagher is a self-taught painter. Working in oils on linen and board, using the highest quality materials and a limited palette, Meagher’s subject matter is wide-ranging.  Landscape, still life, portraiture – human and animal – are all imbued with the light and form that is representative of the rich visual language she has developed as a response to the world she sees around her.


The Three Friends

Three beautiful mackerel swimming together, not a care in the world are suddenly taken from their natural environment and left on the side of a harbour wall. Looking at this image and my response as a visual artist is of course the narrative around these unfortunate fish, do they wonder what has happened, been together and touching each other gives comfort as it is all in their dead eyes.

The subject is painted from a photo reference, the medium is oil, surface is canvas. The use of a soft fan brush leaves wonderful brush marks, this is important to me as I am not recreating a photograph but a painting.


Rachel Roberts

My name is Rachel Roberts, and I am 25 years old. I am a recent graduate of SETU Waterford with a BA Hons degree in Visual Art. I am a Waterford based artist and a studio artist in Garter Lane. My primary mediums are photography and painting. My artistic practice revolves around a visual exploration of the intangible realms of memory, dreams, time, and identity. These themes have always held a profound sway over my creative process, compelling me to delve deep into the intricate tapestry of our complex inner worlds.


This piece is the first in the series of portraits I am undertaking. As an emerging artist, I am surrounded by fellow artists, and I am very fortunate to call them my friends. I am a huge admirer of their creative endeavours and I wanted to mark this time in their careers before they hit the big time. This series of portraits are composed of both photographs and a painting from life that are done in one or two sittings. This piece depicts Maddie, their work is also on display in the exhibition. I wanted this body of work to be a character study, contrasting both mediums of paint and photography to try capture a sense of the person.

expired Sat 27th Jan - Sat 23rd Mar
Market House, Dungarvan
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