Waterford Young Arts Critics FOH Exhibition

expired Sat 3rd Jun - Sat 24th Jun
Garter Lane Arts Centre X91 DX57

Waterford Young Arts Critics

Waterford Young Arts Critics is a free, fun & exciting opportunity for young people from 13-17 years old to meet, take part in, and have their say on the arts, events, activities, and festivals in Waterford and Beyond!

If you are interested in joining the Waterford Young Critics please register your interest with Sandra Kelly, Visual Arts & Education Manager by emailing gallery@garterlane.ie or calling (051) 877-153.

Please feel free to join at any stage of the year, we try something new each and every week, all you need is an interest in the arts, regardless of whether you have the chance to do it in school!

Artist Statement

Jesse is a visual artist who explores his work through pencil based illustration and
watercolour. His work is concerned with imagining the world he lives in, capturing
images of the local landscape and wildlife. A consumer of a wide variety of media,
art, film and games he reflects his vision of the environment in his work.
Jesse says The Waterford Young Arts Critics has allowed him to explore art outside
of class and it has given him the chance to get to know others with a similar passion
for all things creative.

Nastia is a visual artist exploring the mediums of painting and drawing. She focuses
on landscapes, both rural and urban, realistic and surreal expressing her own vision
of what’s around her. Inspired by the sights she comes across in her day to day life
and other journeys she recreates them in her own image, investigating what is seen
and unseen.
Nastia says that The Waterford Young Arts Critics has helped her to explore different
medias and techniques that she may not have had the chance to do otherwise.

Ava is a mixed-media visual artist working primarily with watercolours, oils, markers
and pens. Her work is narrative-driven, referring to the world of visuals and stories
around her, she weaves them together into characters that embody and personify
her inspirations, music, film and the world of creative media.
Ava says that The Waterford Young Arts Critics has allowed her to connect with and
meet other artistically minded people and has given her a chance to explore and try
new things.

Megan is a visual artist working in mixed-media; charcoal, lens-based media. She
creates portraits of familiar faces, capturing the essence of the meaningful figures in
her life. Focusing on methodology and diligence she strives towards realism in her
work, drawing influence from how the world around her interacts with the concepts
she’s concerned with.
Megan says The Waterford Young Arts Critics has granted her the chance to explore
and embrace art and culture in Waterford.





expired Sat 3rd Jun - Sat 24th Jun
Garter Lane Arts Centre X91 DX57
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