Waterford Film For All Autumn Season 2023

expired Tue 12th Sep - Thu 30th Nov
Garter Lane Theatre
9 (€7.50 concessions)

We have a fantastic season of films coming up for you this autumn at Garter Lane Arts Centre with Waterford Film For All.

Follow the links below to find out more info and to book your tickets.

Rye Lane – Tues 12th Sep

Yas and Dom meet in less than ideal circumstances. However, they quickly realise they have plenty in common – including recent messy break-ups. They end up on a meandering stroll through the city. Over the course of a whirlwind evening, their mutual attraction grows as they get caught up in increasingly funny, outrageous and unexpected situations.


The Beasts – Tues 19th Sep

Antoine and Olga have fulfilled their dream of moving to the Galician countryside, setting up their own farm. Their refusal to sell their land to developers creates tensions with local brothers Xan and Loren, who want the money for a chance at a new life. Tensions boil over leading to increasingly tense and violent confrontations between the neighbours.


One Fine Morning – Tues 26th Sep

Sandra is a young, widowed mother who juggles her job as a translator with caring for both her young daughter and her ailing elderly father. As her father’s condition deteriorates, Sandra unexpectedly reconnects with an old friend. Deceptively simple, director Mia Hansen-Løve deftly weaves a profoundly moving portrayal of love and loss.

North Circular – Friday 29th Sep

A multiple award-winning documentary musical travelling the length of Dublin’s fabled North Circular Road, where local characters share their powerful and emotive stories, accompanied by traditional ballads and folk music that help to tell these stories. North Circular conjures the ghosts of the past while engaging with the conflicts and celebrations of today, with a little bit of Dublin humour thrown in.


Return to Seoul – Tues 3rd Oct

Born in Korea but raised by her adoptive parents in France, 25-year-old Freddie is at an uncertain time in her life when she impulsively travels to her birth country. She discovers there’s an agency that works to connect adopted children with their biological parents. Mere days later, Freddie meets her birth father. However, she quickly discovers her own crisis of identity won’t be so easily resolved.


1976 – Tues 10th Oct

Chile, 1976. Pinochet’s military dictatorship controls the country. Carmen is an upper-middle class woman overseeing the renovation of her family’s beach house. When the family priest asks her to discreetly look after a wounded young man named Elias, she accepts. As she tends to Elias’s gunshot wound, Carmen’s worldview starts to change – and she begins to suspect the authorities are watching her.


Afire – Tues 17th Oct

Writer Leon and photographer Felix travel to a holiday home on the Baltic coast for the summer. Leon needs to finish his second book, while Felix works on his portfolio, Their plans are upended when they arrive to find Nadja, an unexpected houseguest, already settled in. Initially irritated, the stand-offish Leon finds himself gradually intrigued by the fun-loving Nadja.


The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan – Tues 31st Oct

This exciting new big budget adaptation brings Alexander Dumas’ classic story to the big screen in two parts. Part 1 introduces D’Artagnan as he travels to Paris in the hope of becoming one of the King’s Musketeers. Although turned away, D’Artagnan soon unites with the infamous Athos, Porthos and Aramis when a plot against the King and Queen is uncovered.


The Eight Mountains – Tues 14th Nov

Over one summer in a remote village in the Italian Alps, 12-year-old city boy Pietro meets and befriends Bruno, the only remaining local child.
The strong bond that the pair form becomes a close friendship that will last over the future decades, with the two returning to the mountains every summer to reconnect, no matter how their lives are unfolding.


Paris Memories – Tues 21st Nov

Paris Memories follows Mia as she struggles to resolve her fractured memories in the aftermath of a violent attack. She repeatedly returns to the bistro where the attack happened, bonding with fellow survivors. As Mia works through her hazy recollections, she starts to rebuild her life and make sense of her experiences.


Stop Making Sense – Thurs 30th Nov

Filmed over four nights at Hollywood’s Pantages Theater in December 1983, Stop Making Sense is the cult classic film featuring the Talking Heads in concert.




expired Tue 12th Sep - Thu 30th Nov
Garter Lane Theatre
9 (€7.50 concessions)
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